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Owning a caravan will give you fun, laughter and memories for years to come.

It means you and your loved ones have a place to escape from work and life stresses and enjoy the great outdoors.


At Sureplan, our aim is to source a Caravan Insurance which is tailored to your needs and to advise you on any other areas you need to consider. For example, if own a touring caravan that you tow with your car, you wont be covered for any damage to your caravan under your standard Car Insurance, which is where specialised cover can help.

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Key cover options 


External Damage



Emergency Shelter

Water Leaks

This policy will cover you in the event that your caravan or motorhome is damaged, stolen, or causes damage/injury to a third party or their property.


Your cover will protect the caravan itself, as well as most of the contents stored within it. If you keep high value items in your caravan or motorhome, we can arrange for these to be protected with tailored protection.

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For those who own motorhomes, you are legally required to have insurance when it’s on the road. Motorhome Insurance is similar to car policies in that you can choose between Comprehensive, Third Party and Third Party, Fire and Theft cover.


Regardless of whether you are looking at finding insurance for motorhomes or wanting to insure a static caravan, the dedicated team at Sureplan can help you get Caravan Insurance to suit your needs.


Your cover can be extended to throughout the EU if required.

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