Travel Insurance

Travelling without Travel Insurance is like walking into the unknown without a map.

You might find your way back without any issues, or you could experience unforseen hurdles without any way to navigate them.


Travel Insurance is there to act as your guide before and during your travels, protecting you when things don’t go to plan. Even if you’re adept at handling tricky situations in your day-to-day life, this could become a lot more difficult when you’re faced with potential language barriers, eye-watering medical expenses and differing laws.

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Key cover options 

Cancellations & Delays

Medical Expenses

Lost Cash/Documents

Cruise Cover


Business Travel

Personal Liability

High-Risk Sports

Whether you’re travelling for business or for a holiday, it’s a good idea to arrange insurance before you go, so you are covered for any unforeseen cancellations or delays.


Travel Insurance can cover you for medical expenses in the event of illness or injury and repatriation should you require a medical evacuation back to the UK.

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No two travellers are the same, which means that one-size-fits-all Travel Insurance won’t be suitable for everybody. By using an experienced Travel Insurance Broker, you can be sure that you have the right cover in place.


Our specialists at Sureplan will talk you through your cover, as well as advising you on any optional add-ons you could consider. Our advice will remain 100% unbiased and honest.


If you will be partaking in high-risk activities while you’re away, these may not be covered under standard Travel Insurance. In this case, we’ll work with you to ensure you have the additional cover you need to stay protected during these activities.

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