Breakdown Insurance

You’re cruising down the road without a care in the world, when your engine light comes on…

…your car suddenly starts to give way and the engine cuts out. You pull over and sigh heavily. What do you do next?


You have three options, call a local garage, arrange breakdown cover on-the-spot or call your existing breakdown recovery providers. The garage can charge you whatever they want and arranging same-day Breakdown Cover usually comes with a fee of over £100 on top of your premium cost. Your best option is to already have Breakdown Cover already in place.

Beat the breakdown

Key cover options 

Roadside Assistance

Home Start

EU Cover

Key Replacement

National Recovery

Onward Journey

But which cover do you get? While on the surface many policies may seem similar, they can be very different so it’s important to know exactly what you’re buying.  


For example, some policies have unlimited calls-outs, while others are capped. Many policies don’t automatically include features such as tyre replacement, new batteries and parts and labour.

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If you take out roadside assistance only cover, you won’t be protected if your vehicle breaks down at home. All of these variables should be considered to shape a policy that works for you.


Our friendly advisers at Sureplan will chat with you to find out the type of Breakdown Cover you need.


This means that should you end up in a sticky situation, you have someone to turn to without paying over-the-odds.

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